Movies Originally Made in Spanish
On this page are  exercises for films originally made in Spanish.¡OJO!
Most of these movies are gems, but they will also disturb parents. 
Belle Epoque and
Carmen show partial nudity while  Danzón treats  of sex between an
older woman and  younger man. 
Al otro lado depicts child trafficking,
Diarios is full
of profanity. Drugs and violence are
the theme of
El  Mariachi. 

Historia oficial, Mar Adentro, Misma luna, and Paloma de papel are all intense. María, llena de gracia and Sin Nombre are intense, profane, and violent.  Cinco amigas has body rings and tattoos but no profanity or
Qué tan lejos has a few bad words and mature theme. Julio y su   ángel is really a children's PG movie. Valentín straddles the ratings line and is
probably PG-13.

Al otro lado
Belle Epoque
Cinco amigas
Julio y su ángel
La historia oficial
El mar adentro
El Mariachi
© 2007 Richard Russell
La misma luna
Carmen (Saura)
Paloma de papel
Qué tan lejos
Sin Nombre