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Pic of QuizardThe Quizard …

… can help you quiz yourself!

This Quizard (Quiz Wizard) can help you study.  It’s like flashcards—only better.  The program is almost self-explanatory, but for best results, read the User’s Guide.  (Especially for understanding what the Quizard can’t do.)

User’s Guide What does it do?  What are the rules?  etc.
Cut to the chase! I know all that—get on with it!
Surprise me! I’ll figure it out as I go …
NOTE: Using the Quizard means either you’ve read the rules and accept them, or you’re willing to find out what they are the hard way!

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Last modified 12 Aug 2003

Quizard Documentation
Intro  |  User's Guide  |  Ref. Manual  |  Sample Input  |  Sample Output  |  Start Quizzing